cubase timeline

i want the timeline ruler to start at zero and not at bar 1.I looked in the preferences and didn’t find something.Any idea please?

Look in project setup.

I don’t know, but having a bar 0 seems really odd to me, why would you want that? I mean it’s not really a timeline when set to bars and beats:)
If you change it to time it will obviously start at zero, but that’s not waht you are asking, is it?

Yeah look in Project Setup and set the bar offset to 1 bar.

Thank You

You are welcome.

I start at zero to have a bar of nothing at the start, yet still have the grid align with 8/16/32 bars, etc. When rendering Cubase doesn’t always catch the first few samples, so that bar of nothing is much needed!

Ah, I see! As I only record live music I dont know stuff like this😀

Hey Steve,

Speaking of keeping things in line with the bars, etc, do you use the time signature track if you have 1 or 2 extra bars before the main drop?

For example… in the build up just before the drop comes in, say you add an extra bar to create a little more tension. Now the bars are offset by 1 bar. To fix this, I use the time signature track and change the time signature to 8/4 on the last 2 bars, and then back to 4/4 on the drop.

I figured this out only recently and was pretty proud of myself :joy: