Cubase Timestretch Algo Problem

Hi again, sorry for the frequent posts

I’m using cubase’s free warp to timestretch some vocals. And I’m not getting any weird artifacts or anything like that but when I go to flatten the audio and use a better time stretching algo it only gives me the option to use realtime processing on certain sections.

Will realtime processing be applied durring mixdown as well or will it use a different algo for that processing. Also can anyone tell my why certain sections I can use mpex algos and on other sections it will only let me use realtime.

All of this is being done in audiowarp in the sample editor not in variaudio


Look it up in the manual, if your time stretch is outwith .5 and 2 times then only real time will be used.

I read that but what I’m asking is if I mixdown will it still be rendering it with the realtime algo or is there anyway around this the manual is very vague about a lot of things

I would have thought that that if your free warp is outside the stated range then only realtime is available either for flattening or mixdown.