Cubase tips for (ex) Pro Tools users

Just got a copy of Cubase Pro 8! I have used Cubase in the past (V5 I think), but have always been a Pro Tools user. A couple of questions for anyone that knows both programs.

  1. Is there a way to get cubase playback to mimic PT? after hitting stop, playback will next resume from the same place, instead of continuing along the timeline.

  2. Is there a way to get post-insert, yet pre-fade metering in Cubase? If not, what do people tend to use? Seems like I might be best just getting used to post-fade metering.

  3. Best way to select a spot on the timeline from anywhere on the arrange page? (ie not from the ruler at the top)

Any other tips welcome!

  1. Yes. Through Preferences. Check the manual
  2. Faders can be post or pre. Check the manual
  3. Yes. Several ways. Start checking the small numbers in the transport bar (and check the manual)
  1. in preferences “Transport - return to start position on stop” … I have the Key Command as ctrl+space.

  2. right click on the meter in the mixer view (next to the fader) - “global meter stting - meter position” I believe post pan would be your post-insert/pre-fader.

  3. Preferences - Transport - Locate when clicked on empty space… I also have a key command for this: ctrl+alt+space.


Thanks very much for the help!!

I have a macro for ‘zoom to whole project’. Can’t remember if it’s bundled or one of mine. Really helpful for vavigatio. As are markers.

There’s a preference for PT keyboard shortcuts btw. And you can customise the keyboard shortcuts to do whatever you wish. Get your head around that and you’ll never look back. Well… almost. There are still a few tasks I prefer PT for…

NO post pan is post fader even post fader, there is NO hope to have a metering post insert but pre fader. this thing sucks