Cubase to Dorico 3 - Importing MIDI from Cubase "Renotate Performance"

Hi there,

how can I quickly import a MIDI-MOCKUP session from Cubase to Dorico, in order to write a nice score for a recording session?

  1. I heart something about “There is the possibility to export expression-map data, which will be shown as articulations in dorico”… I dont find that one.

  2. There was a great plugin called “Renotate Performance 2.0” which allowed me to quickly get a nice score without having to quantize TO MUCH in cubase. Of course I quantize some, but just as an example, I dont want to quantize every notelengh, andsoon…


Expression map data in your Cubase project cannot be included in MIDI files, so this data cannot be transferred when you export MIDI from Cubase and import it into Dorico. In the future we hope to provide further features to help with data interchange between Cubase and Dorico, but there’s nothing more advanced than MIDI or MusicXML at the moment.

Regarding requantization, Dorico has a selective Requantize feature. See here.

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Most of the solutions for this are on the Cubase side. You can go into the Cubase score editor and use a feature called “display quantize” which quantizes the notation from a display perspective without quantizing the actual MIDI notes. If you combine that with Cubase expression maps (where you define articulations with symbols etc.) you can then end up with a score that is basically correct in terms of note values and complete with all markings in the cubase score editor, after which point you can export to MusicXML and bring that into Dorico. It does mean some preparatory work is needed in the Cubase score editor but then there is very little actual entry to do in Dorico (except whatever markings won’t convert).

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That’s generally in line with Tim Davies’s advice to do quantizing in the DAW rather than the notation program since the DAW generally has better tools for this than notation programs (at least prior to Dorico perhaps :wink: ).

Wow - thanks for that solutions!
Im gonna check them out on my next project, coming up tomorrow!