Cubase to jump between markers in Time

I’ve owned Cubase for almost ten years now, but here in the last couple of years I’ve gotten serious about using the software. I spent the money and upgraded to Pro 10 for production use at my church. A lot of churches and performers are using Ableton because of the live feature, how it will loop a section until you tell it to move on. Cubase can loop of course, but what it doesn’t move between sections without losing the timing or tempo.

If the verse was measures 2-10 (1) and the chorus was measures 10-18 (2) an the bridge 18-24 (3) if I set up markers using a marker track then I could hit 1 on my number pad and it would loop the verse over and over until we decided we wanted to go to the chorus then I press 2 and I can set parameters that tell the software ok make that transition is 1 bar or 2 bars whatever but the point is that if it made the transition seemless then I could use cubase in a live performance with backing tracks and I wouldn’t have to switch software.

I hope this makes sense, to me from the research that I have done that’s the subtle edge that Ableton has over cubase in the live performance category.

This is what the arranger track is for (?) or I’m mistaking what you are talking about. You can also do this…

Thanks for the reply, but no that doesn’t work. What I am saying is if I have a marker set at the chorus and I want to jump to the bridge during a live performance. Let’s say the chorus is measures 10-18 if I’m at measure 17.1 and I press the key command I want cubase to finish 17.2, 17.3, 17.4 and then in perfect timing jump to the Bridge at measure 50 & never lose being in sync. Ableton live does that so you can use backing tracks in a live performance and the software can breathe with you. Currently if I set my markers and a key command it will jump the second I hit the button and its not in perfect timing.

I need to do some research on the arranger track I don’t know how to use that yet.

Arranger Track does this

Yeah, set the Jump Mode to “End”. If it’s on “none”, it will do it instantly.

Also, you need to play the events on the bottom half of the panel (don’t create an event chain).

Here’s a good demonstration, instruction of the arranger track from the official cubase channel:

I’m gonna check this out today, thanks so much. I even asked a tech support agent and they didn’t know about this feature,
this would make my life so much easier