Cubase to Nuendo?

I’m interested in Nuendo crossgrade, is there anyway to crossgrade to Nuendo and keep the Cubase license ?

I don’t want to lose Cubase if Nuendo is not Cubase + (everything in Cubase plus more), which it hasn’t always seemed to be (ie I don’t want to lose anything :sunglasses: ).

Can anyone enlighten me on either point?

Yes, if you own two Cubase licenses you can crossgrade one and keep the other.

As soon as the next Nuendo version is out you don´t lose anything. Plenty written on all the other threads on the forums, that answers your questions…

Thanks. Sadly this won’t work, I own one license for Cubase. Feels a real pity to not have downward/backward compatibility with the licensing.

Re the next version I did search before asking - TBH it feels somewhat precarious to make that jump and buy now, (losing my Cubase license in the process), as there may not quite be 100% certainty about parity and stability etc.