Cubase to Nuendo

I am a cubaser for long time and on cubsae pro 7.5 and wish to upgrade to 10.5 but I was hoping it will be a promotion for cubase upgrade on June but it went to Nuendo 40%.

I have checked and the discounted upgrade to Nuendo 10 is $359 vs Cubase 10.5 update $298

I am not familiar with the difference bet both and it is realy worse the upgrade to Nuendo

Help please, thanks

Obviously it is worth for some and not for others. If you have to ask others if it worth it for you, it probably isnˋt.
Ther is a trial available - go and try it if you are interested.
And apart from that stop double- and cross posting :imp:

There’s been a few opportunities to upgrade to nuendo at a reduced rate over the last few years, I e come very close to taking a bite but unfortunately Steinberg record on promises and updates over the last few have stopped me, they’ve been promising to update and implement the new features in Eucon for going on five years now but haven’t done a thing, likewise selling version 10/10.5 with claims it was 4k display ready to pc users when it was just on apple. I’ve gone and got logic instead as have lots of people I deal with.

It doesn’t look worth it to me unless you are exclusively doing video work. There are also some downsides to moving to Nuendo. You lose your Cubase license, so will need to purchase upgrades to Nuendo in the future. Those upgrades are more expensive than Cubase upgrades. And it looks like Cubase received new features, that are common to them both, before Nuendo did for this past set of releases.

The 40% update discount for Cubase will most likely come either July or August.

Oops, I meant Protools, not logic, I don’t run apple! Studio 1- 4, Acid\Ableton and protool are what regulars are bringing in these days, all ex cubas users. I only use cubase for myself mostly as a scratchpad then take it across platform to mix , used to have a number of users with cubase but they’ve got fed up with all the beater testing for Nuendo but even some bugs in that slips through.