** CUBASE ** to Steinberg TEAM - ideas

Hello Steinberg Team,
I must say i am very satisfied with new cubase app.
You’ve made a lot of new features but you are still missing two important thing for EDM producers.

  1. It is really hard to compose beats if you compare it with Fruity Pattern style, but there is relatively
    easy solution how to make cubase app really powerful tool to make good grooves!
    Why you do not implement your beat designer as the third choice between drum map / piano roll?
    If you integrate this plug in inside the cubase midi channel the user can easly make beats.
    The user can connect groove agent or NI battery straight to several midi channels,
    than he can choose beat designer despite piano roll and he can make his own loops straight
    like in fruity loops. The loops can be seen as bars inside sequencer and he can easily copy them.
    Nowdays it is bad solution to make it in beat designer than drag and drop it into piano roll
    and than swith off the beatdesigner? And if i wanna make fast another loop i have to mute my beats,
    switch on the beat designer, than drag n drop it into midi… and again… it is really hard and long work with
    this. The simply way is the best way. (btw. importing samples to groove agent is not possible straight from
    groove agent… you have to import it into audio track and than drag n drop it into groove agent… why?
    Why there is no simple choice in right click mouse context menu to Import sample to drumpad in groove agent?
    How easy way to improve the work with cubase).

  2. The second think you should improve is to make easy mapping external midi controllers to your cubase features… it is really hard work to map all the controllers. Check for example ableton how easily you can
    map everything. If you wanna map for example 1 specific knob in your specific project you don’t wanna
    waste the production time, finding the specific settings of each parameter deep in 4level menu settings.
    It is also non-user friendly.

Maybe you will think about these to points (a specially the first, that is not so hard to implement, because you have the features just connect it better for better use).
I hope these things will increase the count of the cubase users / steinberg customers.


“Why there is no simple choice in right click mouse context menu to Import sample to drumpad in groove agent?”

I second that! I cant use groove agent because its such a pain in the ass to import your own samples.

Why waste money buying Cubase to just design beats? Plenty of cheap stuff out there for that.

I think it’s obvious, right? “Integration” “Workflow”

Not my thing, but I get their point.

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