Cubase to VST Live workflow

I am new to VST Live and am trying to create a sample setlist using two songs that I have already recorded in Cubase 12. I was able to export both Cubase projects to VST Live media projects. Then in VST Live I used File → Import Media Project to import the first song. But when I created a second song in VST Live and tried to import the second Cubase project to that song (again using File → Import Media Project), it prompted me to save and close my current VST Live project and create a new one. In other words, I couldn’t import two Cubase media projects to the VST Live project using that method.

The workaround I found for the second song was to go to Song → Import Song Project and import the second Cubase song that way. That seemed to work okay. Is this the intended workflow? I would love to see a video tutorial on importing multiple Cubase songs into a VST Live setlist.

The import dialog in VST Live has an option „Create new Project „ untick that to impot to a Song instead.

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Thanks! I didn’t see that option.

So is it best practice to import each song using File → Import Media Project? (as opposed to the Song → Import Song Project method)

Yes. But the import dialog gives you even more options: you may create an arranger track in Cubase and use that to import arranger track events (sections) as multiple Parts or Songs.

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