Cubase too small

Today I installed Cubase 8, the screen looked fine but I has an error message so I deleted Cubase. I then updated all my laptop drivers and “downloaded” Cubase instead of using the discs…

Now Cubase is too small, it fills my screen however everything is too small to operate… is there a screen size adjustment somewhere?

I am using windows 8.1
Dell XPS 15 with a 3200 x 1800 screen resolution…

Many thanks

Change your screen resolution to 1920x1080 (HD).

Changing the resolution of a screen to something other than its native resolution, unless it’s extremely high-density, is an unfortunate tradeoff (3200 x 1800 isn’t quite high enough DPI, even at the smallish 15" diag. – it should be smaller, or higher res.). What a horrid position to put you in.

Only you will decide if it sucks more than dealing with a small UI. For me it would. Talk about reading glasses vs fuzziness (I’d reluctantly take the reading glasses / too small, but crisp, option).

Dell is to blame for creating such a wonky DPI.

It’s like they mathematically chose the worst DPI possible. Seriously, WTF.

“Ultra HD” must stand for “Horribly Denigrated” resolution compatibility.

That said, this underscores the Herculean task Cubase (and other developers) have in dealing with resolution independence for all these weird screen resolutions.

In other news: the new Cytomic updates released last week of “The Glue,” that allow full UI scalability, would look great even on that 3200 x 1800 15" screen – this is the direction Cubase is clearly headed (but not there yet).

Firstly thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated…

When I originally loaded Cubase from the “discs” the screen view was perfect, no problem at all and it worked superbly with my 3200 x 1800 resolution…

The trouble was I then started to get intermittent blue screen errors.

"driver_irql_not_less_or_equal rtkvhd64.sys and sometimes “bad_pool_header”

I googled this and it seems people suggested updating the laptop drivers and bios, this I did and it got rid of the “bad_pool_header” error however the other error remained. Because the error only occurred with Cubase I decided to delete the version I installed from the factory discs.

I then installed via Steinberg direct upload, the software loaded and this is when the screen size problems started. Also the intermittent blue screen error “driver_irql_not_less_or_equal rtkvhd64.sys” is still occurring.

I suppose my next course of action is to submit a support ticket, I was though hoping to find a simple fix myself…

Oh… I tried changing my laptop resolution to 1920x1080 however Cubase stayed the same size but turned fuzzy/blurred…

AFAIK the rtkvhd64.sys file is the driver for the Realtek sound-chips used in many laptops, so maybe you should contact Dell regarding this. FWIW: Searching for “rtkvhd64.sys” reveals that you’re not alone in having problems with this driver.

After some research it seems many people are having the rtkvhd64.sys problem, for me this is triggered by Cubase. I can live with this by disabling the Realtek sound driver when using Cubase.

As for the screen size, Cubase studio 4 works fine. Cubase 8 opens up so small I cannot use it, I have submitted a ticket and am hoping the Steinberg guys can come up with a solution.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice…

Regarding the small screen problem I have found a solution, I will still ask Steinberg for a better cure because if Cubase studio 4 works fine I would hope and expect that Cubase 7 should be able to work on a 3200 x 1800 screen { without having to action the below }

In case anyone else { especially xps 15 owners } encounter this problem the below works perfectly { also for photoshop which suffers the same problem }


Right click desktop and click “screen resolution”

Select “Adjust resolution” and lower the resolution to half the native resolution of the display: from 3200 x 1800 to 1600 x 900

Then click “Make text and other settings smaller” and set to from 200% to smaller 100%

Then once you finish working with Cubase change back to your original settings…