Cubase tracing my steps

This is really odd, I don’t even know how to describe it really…

I noticed that as I’m editing a track after I have recorded my instruments, for example, if I mute a track for a moment during playback and unmute, just to hear other tracks more clearly, when I go back to play the track from the beginning, it remembers when I muted/unmuted tracks and does it during playback…like a ghost is switching mute on and off, but it’s exactly when I had just done it myself. So, why is it doing this???

It also happened when I was adjusting EQ on a track and it dipped and raised the frequency when I played the song back from the beggining…like it’s tracing all my little tweaks during editing. I hope this makes sense to somebody out there. Please help, this is maddening. Thanks!

You’re recording something called automation. I would recommend taking a look at the part of the manual that explains it, it’s a very useful feature. It will also explain how to turn automation recording off for when you don’t need it. (it’s off by default)