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Hey guys, I created some track icons for the Cubase mixer.

I have enough money, so I’d like to do a charity sale for UNICEF germany.
If you need some nice pictures for your Cubase mixer and like to support children, go here:

Cubase Track Icons for children. Charity sale for UNICEF
Hundreds of high quality pictures to beautify your Mixer Tracks.
Cubase Track Icons is a collection of pictures to be imported in the Cubase Mixer. The package contains over 500 picture files sorted in various categories. All pictures are 300px x 300px .png files.
All income goes directly to UNICEF Germany.
The german UNICEF headquarter is nearby my studio in cologne germany
and I guarantee I will personally transfer the money to them.
With each purchase you directly support the children in the world who urgently need our help. - Thanks.

Chris Hein

Need to give you a bump.

These are really quite nice.
Incredible variety.

Kontakt stuff, Cubase stuff, a ton of Soft Synths.

The Orchestral selection is quite complete.

The picture quality is excellent - and I like the way you put names on most (all?) of them.
Makes it very easy to jump to a particular track in a large project.


Well worth $18 and Change US.


… I guarantee I will personally transfer the money to them (UNICEF) …

That would be lovely. How do you guarantee that?

Very nice set of icons - these must have taken you a long time. I agree, well worth 15 euros.


Just purchased these, they look great and help keep me organised.

Greetings Chris,

I just purchased your Cubase Track Icons.

Can you tell me the quickest way to get those imported?

Cheers and many Thanks!


Are these icons fully compatible with the latest version of Cubase? In my case Cubase 10.5?

I am considering it. Thank you