Cubase Track Lane Management

I recorded a song I’m working on into Cubase. The song has 8 instruments. The technique I used places the MIDI events from all 8 instruments in the same Cubase track.

In order to be able to edit the song easily, I “dissolved” the track into lanes. This worked OK, but I have some questions about managing the lanes:

  1. I had thought the lanes would be arranged vertically in order by MIDI channel. Instead, the vertical order of the lanes seems to be random. Is that the case, or is there some other way that the lanes are being ordered?

  2. In the middle column of Cubase, the lanes are named “Lane 1”, “Lane 2”, “Lane 3”, etc. I have circled those names in red in the attached image. Is it possible to change those names to something more useful? If I drag the Lanes into a different vertical order (for instance by MIDI channel), the names end up in a weird and useless order, e.g. “Lane 7”, “Lane 2”, “Lane 5”. I’d like to avoid this if possible.

  3. I know how to change the track names at the left side of the right column. This is helpful, but I’ve noticed that if I change the name of Lane 1, it also changes the name of the entire track. This is shown in the attached image by the two names that are highlighted in yellow, circled in green. Is there a way to have those two places in the display show different names?
    cubase lanes.jpg