Cubase Training Courses

Looking around for a decent training course on Cubase 12 Pro. There’s a dude from Montreal on YouTube Chris Selim who offers a course. Has anyone taken his course?
I am not new to DAWS as I own several others and have been mixing a long time, so I probably don’t need a basics course. Using Cubase now with no real issues. I want to step it up a little bit.
Which are the best most streamlined courses out there?

I’m a fan of Groove 3 in general and recently watched most of their Cubase 12 Update video which was pretty good.

They also have many courses for older versions which still have useful content about various aspects of Cubase. Typically getting a pass for a month or two is the most cost effective.

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Yeah, I second the recommendations. I also went through the new one on Cubase 12 recently and have probably done most of the courses related to Cubase, including some for versions prior to my first version of Cubase (9.5).

They were a huge help in finding the obscure places some key features “hide”, like the inline key editor, which I’d really missed after switching from SONAR and their track-level piano roll view. Cubase doesn’t make this feature visible in the default track buttons, so I only learned of it in a Groove3 course on some older version of Cubase.

Prior to going through the Groove3 courses, I’d read the entire Cubase 9.5 manual and started working with it, but found myself having to do a huge amount of googling anytime I tried to do something new or something I’d done once but not in a while. Going through a bunch of their courses really helped me get more comfortable (despite still having to search and watch other videos from time to time).

I’d initially gotten a year-long all-access pass for Groove3 when it was included in an iZotope package, then it was also included in an upgrade to that same package to add another year. They didn’t carry that over this time around, so I ended up purchasing another year’s all-access pass. I’ve learned a lot through those on various plugins I use, and some also on various more generic techniques.

First off all, check Steinberg Cubase YT channel.

If it’s not enough, check “Streamworks audio” courses. I find it very useful, and easy to understand

Besides the ones mentioned here which are all good suggestions, there is Born to Produce which offers very hands-on, results oriented tutorials. I like the Groove3 stuff and I would classify it as a ‘walk you through all the features’ tutorial. Born to Produce provides you with video tutorials and audio, .cpr files, and even some synth presets (depending on project) and you create a finished song. Most of their tutorials focus on EDM and electronic pop, but they do have some more generic such as producing vocals and they do have a pretty good recording and producing a rock song tutorial. I think they are also having a buy-1-get-one-free sale right now.

Born to Produce

I have since years the one by Chris Selim, among with other courses of him (Mixing, Editing) and can only recommend it. It was done originally for 9.5 but with the time he generated additional topics for 10, 10.5, 11 and 12, when the new versions integrated new features.

As the course is organized in chapters with different sections, it can be used as a guide for future reference. I use it all the time.


Thanks for these ideas.
My learning process on any daw tends to result mostly from use of the DAW. In this respect I have found Cubase to be very intuitive to my thinking as most common functions are not difficult to find and use.
There are the small things that hang me up though. The screen fly out for a second screen takes two clicks in mixer mode. If there is a keystroke I don’t know what it is yet. It seems the update from 11 to 12 lost the metronome. Sure I can see where to get sounds, but for something like a metronome it should just work. I would like to change the skin in one action instead of messing about with individual tracks for a theme change
Enough said.I guess it’s the little stuff that all adds up.
Having a reference to a particular thing for version 12 in a training course would be very helpful. Don’t have time to watch long videos.

I checked out Groove 3 and was impressed right away. Thanks for the tip.
Not only can I learn Cubase. I can learn any other DAW for a very reasonable amount of money.

There is a ton of material on Groove3. Wait for the $99 per year special. That’s by far the best deal there.