Cubase Transfer To New Computer

I have had several versions of cubase which came with products I purchased. All former versions were on old computers I no longer own. In the past when I tried to transfer Cubase to a new computer I received messages that I already had an account, or my email was associated with another computer. So I gave up.

Now I have a new computer, MacBook Air and since I am using Cubasis on my iPad, I thought I would now try again to install Cubase on this new computer, based on the fact that I already had/have it. So what Do I need to do? I have my Serial Number, Activation Code and Customer ID. I do not have any Cubase disks or files or elicensor in this computer. Please advise how I can download and transfer Cubase to this computer. Thank you.


I expect, you are using Soft-eLicenser, not USB-eLicenser. Then follow the Reactivation process, please.

Thank you for your response. It is very helpful. I have the information for my account, but I do not have any Cubase disks and the application is not buried in this computer. Will I be able to download the abbreviated version of Cubase if I do not have the disks?


Yes, you can download the application ISO full installer. Just let me know, what Cubase version/derivative is it exactly (read it from your license), and I will send you a link. Or search to forum here, many links has been already sent. :wink:

Thank you, Martin.

Here is my problem in more detail. When I purchased a Motif XS8, it came with a version of Cubase. I loaded into a computer 2 computers back from the one I have now. I registered it, licensed it, used it and had a USB stick license. Then I bought a Motif XF8 and I believe it came with a version of Cubase, but I am not sure whether it was AI or LE. I tried to load that version into the next computer I bought (one back) and when I went on the Steinberg site to license it, I kept getting a message that a license was already associated with my email address so there was no new license, but I didn’t have the license in the new computer so I was out of luck. I tried to use a different email address for a license but I got some similar response.

So I gave up because I already had Logic 9 and just figured I would do without Cubase because it was too difficult to straighten this out. Plus to communicate with Steinberg was way too tedious because the amount of information they required just to ask a question was ridiculous.

Now I have ben using Cubasis on an iPad and really like it. Therefore, I thought I would try and obtain the ability to again load Cubase (whatever version I had- but can not locate) into the computer to work further on the Cubasis projects in a computer. That is the basis for this post. In my Contact list (Mac computer) under the Steinberg card I have a serial number, activation code and customer ID number for the Cubase product I registered. That is all I have. I do not have a license number unless it is the same as the serial number. I assumed with this information Steinberg could look up registration, confirm it and let me download the same Cubase product I already had (but lost on the former computer). But I don’t know how to communicate with Steinberg so I decided to approach the issue through this forum and here I am.

Given this, what do I do? What would it take to sign in (and where do I sign in) with just my customer ID and serial number, get a new license of the version of Cubase I previously licensed and download the application (because as I said I do not have any disks)? Or is this impossible. I could send you this information through this thread or privately if there is an option in this site to do it. Or if you can, please tell me how to communicate with Steinberg directly using just the information I have- explained above.

In essence, Steinberg has great products, but in my view, except for this forum, not very good direct customer support because you can not pick up a phoned talk to anyone- as far as I know.

If you can help I would appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to assist me.

Also, I do not have the USB stick with the license. Lost it years ago. Am I out of luck? Thanks.


…A long story. :slight_smile:

There is always Cubase AI, with Yamaha products. So you have either Cubase AI 7 or Cubase AI 8 license. You should be able to see it in your MySteinberg account.

Bu in fact, your license is stored on the ISB-eLicenser already (as you said). So plug-in the USB-eLicenser to the new computer, and install the latest eLicenser version. Open the eLCC application. You should be able to see your Cubase version here (on the USB-eLicenser). Send me the version, and I will send you the link. Then you will just download Cubase,install it, and you can run it (the license is on the USB-eLicenser already).

Thank you again, Martin and thanks for your offer. Problem is I do not have the USB eLicensor. Lost it years ago. I just felt that with my Customer ID number and Activation Code Steinberg could access my account information, confirm it’s really me, and send me what is required to license my new computer and download my version of Cubase. But maybe that’s not possible. If you have any other suggestion, please let me know. Thanks again.


I see, this is an important information about the USB-eLicenser.

Next try… Do you have any numbers (probably Download Access Code) to the Cubase, you got with your 2nd instrument, Motif XF8?

Hi Martin,

I have in my contact card what is called an Activation Code. It is long, 8 segments of 4 charters each, or 32 characters. I believe it was from a download. I also have my Customer Number. I also have the Serial Number which is 2 segments of 10 characters each, the 2 segments separated by a hyphen, or 20 characters. Can this help? Thanks again.


But the Activation Code has been already used, and the license was transferred to the USB-eLicenser, right?

Send me your MySteinberg username via Private Message here, please.

Hi Martin,

Now I am getting somewhere. I logged in with my email address, got a new password and found that here is the status: I registered Cubase AI 6, but did not get a licensor for it. That was the version I had a problem with. However, I did get a soft license for Cubase AI 5 and a USB license for Cubase AI 4.

I will send you my user name but how do I send it privately? You response said send it “here” but there was no link anywhere I clicked. Please advise and thanks again.

Follow Up:
Went into My Steinberg. There is a Activation Code for AI 6, but it says “Not Registered”. But to activate, instructions say first install software. That is the problem because I do not have the software AND the activation code is associated with my old computer. So now how do I proceed?

Problem Solved. Have AI 8 via Steinberg Support. Works fine. Thanks for your help.

I don’t have the cubase 5.1.1 CD again ,and I want to install the cu base 5 in another laptop, I copied all the installing documents in my system that it Is installed in, please what can I do for this installing to work in my other windows PC. If I try installing it ,it would show can’t locate source file in system folder.

Hi and welcome,

I sent you PM with the link to the installer.

Hello I have a new Laptop Running windows and Im having so much trouble finding a download for cubase LE 5. Ive been using it since 2011 on my old computer and I dont know how to get the program over to my new device. Can you please help.

Hi and welcome,

I sent you PM.