Cubase Trial: 6.5?

Hi - I’ve got Cubase 6.0.5.

I’m interested in trying out Cubase 6.5, but not sure I want to buy it now.

Is it possible to download it as a “Trial” on a new dongle? Then I could make up my mind to buy it if I liked it, or vice versa.

Thanks -


There is no specified the version of Cubase 6 Trial. So, We don’t know, if this is Cubase 6, or 6.5. Sorry.

Bumping back to the 1st page, till then next person signs up for the Cubase Trial and maybe posts here what version got downloaded.


Pm’d by someone who just downloaded the trial. It is 6.0. So, no way to trial 6.5?

This should be updated for those who have not yet used their C6 trial. Then again, it also gives those with C6 a chance to trial 6.5, say “nah” after a month, and continue with their work. I knew someone would beat me to a topic like this. Good goin’, Alexis. :wink:

Update: 6.5 trial version available at the above link.

I have the full license of Cubase 6.5. If I download the 6.5 trial and install it (on Mac) this is the same if I install Cubase 6.0 full version and Cubase 6.5 update?


It is the same. As stated on Steinbergs website


There is Cubase 6.5 Trial now.


Duh. :laughing: