Cubase trial, plug-ins not licensed

Trying to make the jump from Logic to cubase, so I decided to give the trial version a try. Most things work, BUT when I try to add “Padshop” or “RetroLogue” to the Rack, I’m given this message:

No valid license detected for Padshop (or Retrologue)
Please connect your eLicenser and click ‘Retry’.
Click ‘Cancel’ to stop loading the plug-in.

I’ve run the maintenance step in the eLicenser, but that did not help.
Am I missing some license numbers?


Are you sure, you are not using Padshop Pro? This one is not included in Cubase. Only Padshop is part of Cubase.

Also… what trial version did you download? Some VSTs (Retrologue 2 and Padshop) are not included with the CB Elements 9 trial. You need a USB eLicenser for the Pro trial.

Regards. :sunglasses:

What I have is this: Version 9.0.0 Build 92 (64-bit) - built on Nov 3 2016
If these VSTs are not “included” with the trial, then why would they be installed and visible in the VST Instrument selector?
Cubase VI Selector.png
Except for the MODO BASS, all of these are from the cubase elements install.

I can’t tell which Cubase trial version (Pro or Elements) you have by the info you supplied. If you need a USB eLicenser to run the trial it would be Cubase Pro 9 and would (according to the chart) include working Retrologue 2 and Padshop VSTs. If you don’t have a USB eLicenser to run it you would have the Cubase Elements 9 trial which runs on the Soft eLicenser and does not include those VSTs.

I’m sure the VSTs get installed and get listed when installing either version but, will only work if the proper license unlocks them.

Regards. :sunglasses: