Cubase truncating imported file names

Can anyone think of a reason why Cubase would truncate file names when importing them ?

I have some loops that I saved from previous projects. I made them myself and I put the tempo in the title i.e; “Nashville sticks-78.aif”. But when Cubase imports the file it removes the -78 from the file name. But if I import the same file with the tempo at the beginning of the name, “72-Nashville sticks.aif” the file name stays intact.

AND this seems to only happen when I choose to Copy the file to the working directory. If I import the very same file but DO NOT choose to import the file into the working directory, the file name stays intact.

Cubase appends filenames in exactly this format to allow you to import different files with the same name…it will automatically update the new filename incrementally to -01, -02 etc when placed into your project folder.

So I would recommend you alter your naming scheme to work around this, anything other than a hyphen followed by a number will not get changed.

Thanks for the reply.