Cubase tutor in Boston area?

I’m looking for a Cubase 7 tutor who can help me setup my home studio. I live in the Boston area. I want to record songs using my Yamaha MOXF6 keyboard, guitar, vocal mic, and Focusrite . I have extensive IT background, but no DAW recording experience. Last time I recorded was in 1993 with a cassette four-track, ESQ-1 sequencer, and an SPX90. Hoping someone out there is interested in a little extra income this summer. Thanks.

yah, if you pay for my plane ticket and accomodation… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am unsure in your area but in Nashville there is a Club Cubase that meets once a month…(I found it on Facebbok) there should be quite a few locals there either willing to help you or recommend those that can. There are also so many great videos out via cubase and also 3rd party developers. Those would the best way to get going! ASK Video is a great choice and I am sure others here can give you great advice.

It is really as simple as diving in and doing things till you are the guy people want to ask for help from. Don’t be frustrated either :slight_smile:

Most important thing you can do here to receive help is update your signature to include your entire setup include all hardware, cubase versions, soundcard, software etc. No one can help or will take the time to help you without this info, everyone seeks knowledge here so that shows respect for those offering and allows us to answer your questions w/o asking you every time.

We could set this up via TeamViewer in a few minutes for free. PM me. I’m in South Coast MA.

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Where in the SouthCoast of Massachusetts are you located? I am located in Dartmouth, Ma

Video tutorials on you tube best way to learn

I am in Boston… I’m a Nuendo user my roomie is a cubase user. But the two programs functionally are identical. I agree spending time over skype or screen sharing is totally doable… contact me off list… We can come up with something reasonable.

I came from a near identical situation…I went from using a Tascam 246 4-Track recorder to Cubase VST 5/32 back in the day when that was their flagship Cubase program. To make things more confusing, I didn’t know how to use a computer, much less record on one…even worse, I built my own DAW from scratch when I realized my then, just recently purchased 1st computer (bought at Costco because I heard you could record on one), a Compaq 450 Mhz with 512 MB ram wasn’t going to cut the mustard. That was back in 1998/1999 ??? :confused:

BIG learning curve for me. I don’t think I recorded a single track for months, I just couldn’t figure it out! I asked a LOT of really stupid questions in the older Steinberg forums. Never even thought of finding a tutor at the time. Being new to using a computer, I didn’t even know there could be video’s on-line. If I could do it starting from where I was at the time, anyone can do it!

Hell, I was just trying to record my guitar, my bass and my old Roland drum machine, like I was doing on my 4-track. A friendly Cubaser came to my aid after I admitted I was nearly … ok I was actually in tears at times, and he personally sent me instructions on how to ‘do stuff’ …he even told me about midi, and how I could use a virtual instrument…things I had no knowledge of. I had only ‘heard’ of midi but didn’t know what it was for. He was an eager mentor :sunglasses:

Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of computer DAW recording…good luck! :ugeek:

I am Andrew, music singer, composer and arranger at Berklee College of Music in Boston. I have been using Cubase for 12 years. I would be so happy to assist you for all your cubase problems and give you some private courses.
My contact information:
+1 617 416 6580

Andrew Andraos

Maybe we should setup a Cubase / Nuendo group here is Boston. I’m a nuendo user and also ableton live.