Cubase Tutorials+ipad

Does the Cubase tutorial video work on ipad, i am travelling and thinking of getting this?

Yes. You should have no problem viewing them.

It’s a standard video file, it works on iPad but also on Android and Windows tablets.

You can watch them “live” over the net (Steinberg on YouTube/need net access) or you could import the files into iTunes. That should work for a lot of the available tutorials, also 3. party. However some companies issuing tutorials have their own player, not yet with an iPad app available. As far as I know all Groove3 and SWA can be imported into iTunes, but for MacProVideo you need the N.E.D player and I don´t think they have issued a player for iPad.

I have not been able to get Groove 3 tutorials onto my Ipad2. Even called Groove 3 and they were nice about it but the advice to drop into Itunes just doesn’t work. Only able to convert format and then use with an app called Moli player. What a joke for such an expensive tablet.I really hate the Ipad for this because its a closed system only accessed thru Itunes and not working here. On the other hand ,of course the Ipad does lots of stuff really well , and if you’re already in the Apple world ,you’re used to compromises to get basic functionality as far as importing non Apple sanctioned content.

I would only ever again buy a tablet with a normal usb port like and Android device.

use cloud for watching your video tutorials ! that’s what I do I open several free account with box / dropbox / skydrive etc… & have my video tut everywhere with my ipad (must have a net connection) !

“cloud” not available on planes,trains (unless you pay extra) in auto as passenger , at my gym . So many places .to me its not an ideal solution. Best to make sure your device is open to vid formats and can import easily.