Cubase Tuts

I’m a long time producer who just recently purchased Cubase for the first time. As I’m searching for videos to try to familiarize myself with a new DAW I either find “what’s new” videos or videos for beginner producers. I don’t need someone explaining to me what an insert effect is or what a piano roll is I just need to know what is where.

Can someone point me to a video tut series for people switching from another DAW to Cubase?

Hi, LaserRot.
I was in the same boat some months back.

Although billed as intro tutorials, I think Jef Gibbons’ videos on YouTube are succinct and practical.

Also, of the Cubase Youtube channel, I find that the Greg Ondo Howto videos are the most terse & helpful ,in that he doesn’t always spend a lot of time explaining basics.

Incidentally, he also does the Cubase Hangouts (granted it’s hard to watch ~3 hours of video – but check the details of the video to see if there’s anything of use in the Hangout).

Unfortunately, there are times we just have to bite the bullet and watch some pretty basic stuff to get an idea of the difference in workflow nuances to be translated from other DAWs.

Thanks I will check them out. Much appreciated.

The Groove3 Cubase videos are very good. They are typically broken down into short limited topics making it easy to skip to the stuff you want to see.

Not free but getting a monthly pass for a month or two and binging is pretty worthwhile.

Berklee also has a course if you want to go the “real education” route.

imo, at the very least, it should be less than $500