Cubase UNDO needs to be fixed (How do I undo Mix Console moves?)

Steinberg/Yamaha, it’s time to fix your UNDO problem. Every single move in Cubase should be able to be undone. If I change the gain on a channel, I should be able to UNDO it.Same with a change to EQ. It’s insane that many parameter changes cannot be undone using the UNDO. Just this morning I accidentally changed the gain on a channel (inspector view) and had to close the program and go back to an earlier version of my song to see what the gain was set to because the UNDO command was not available. Same things happen when making changes to EQ in channel view. PLEASE fix the UNDO problem! I’ve put up with it for YEARS and I’m sick of it

Have you checked if it was listed in the MixConsole history? Because here usually all kind of volume changes or EQ/Plugin changes are listed there and can be undone.

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Make sure the undo arrows are sowing in the toolbar, and/or assign a keystroke.

I agree with OP @m203 , it is nice that some/many things can be undone by CTRL -Z (in the project window) or ALT-Z (in the MixConsole), but it is not nice that some things cannot be undone by commands like that.

I even voted for this!

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FYI I am not working in mix console. Many of us work mostly in arrange window and single channel view, which don’t offer UNDO for all parameters unfortunately. Cubase should work like Microsoft Word in every view: ANY AND ALL changes should be reversible with UNDO command (CMD-Z on Mac). Also, regarding Mix Console, Mix Console does not have option to “keep window on top.” It used to but Steinberg removed it. Time to put it back in. It’s a royal PITA to try to work between mix console and arrange view with one monitor when mix console keep disappearing every time you click on arrange window again! Steinberg I’m glad to be a beta tester for you btw. It seems you need some real world hacks like me to help you understand the many ways your software is used because you have neglected what should be very basic UI concepts.

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While I somehow agree with you, I also find it a good thing, that operations in the project window and operations like plugin parameter changes and volume changes are separated. If I am drawing automation, then make some changes at some plugins and continue drawing automation after that, I’d have to undo my plugin paramter changes as well, if I want to restore how the automation was, before I started drawing new points there.

It would be nice though to have everything in the project window somewhere as well, as I don’t work in the mix console as well, as I think, this is just way to uncomfortable to switch between those two views and rethink everything.
But in that case you should recreate your thread and talk about the project window/Mixconsole UI issue, because the undo operations work mostly as they should.

Is this where “local undo” would help … open up the History Window, point to the automation you want to change some “n” steps up from the bottom in that History Window*, then undo that automation without affecting changes that occurred later?

*Not all project changes appear in the History Window, that would need to be changed first.

I also made a feature request, but it somehow works different:

Undo only a chosen operation in “Edit history” and “MixConsole history” - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

No it shouldn’t.

The mix console undo works really well, but you have to know how to use it.

As I said in my previous post, assign a keystroke to the mixconsole undo/redo commands and it will do what you need. The mixconsole does not have to be open.

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There’s a basic misunderstanding abut the feature in this topic, which my last post hopefully has resolved.

I’ll close this in the interest of clarity. Of course everyone is welcome to post a new topic.


This is not what’s meant as Local Undo. See the topic and the Club Cubase video