Cubase update 10.5.20 MultiTap Delay bug

I´m on a Mac Book Pro 2012.
I have experience severe CPU overloads and I have finally found the reason to it!
It´s the Cubase own effect MultiTap Delay that is causing the problems.
When I disable it everything is fine in my mix. When enable it I get the overload!

Steinberg I hope you are soon going to adress the problem cause I´m in a mix situation that need urgent help!

Danne/ Stockholm Sweden


Yes, it’s known, unfortunately MultiTap Delay can be quite CPU hungry.

Ok it´s known!
But were can I get information on which plugins I can use?
It would be helpful to have if I´m going to use Cubase!


It has been discussed here on the forum few times already.

Yo can use the plug-in. It depends, how exactly do you use it.