Cubase update 7 to 7.06

Hi, i have a question about the update of Cubase 7.06. I am using the CB7 and wont to update to 7.06,must be installed all previous updates before the 7.06 like the 04 , 05 or can directly installed the 06 version.Thank.

IIRC, the download page lists all the requirements necessary to install 7.06.

I have read the Version History PDF, but there is not info about the update requirements.

That’ why I said " the download page" and not “version history pdf”

There is a 7.0.2 installer you can download and install. Then you can apply the latest update.

There’ even a 7.05 installer, but neither is necessary to update to 7.06

but it’s not a full installer, which is what the OP requires.

It is a full installer, and what the OP requires is merely the update, nothing else…

Here is the link to the full installer and latest update:


The Steinberg Cubase 7 download page obviously…

Ok, thank’s for the info.