Cubase update 8.0.5 crashes

Setup crashes on Windows 7 Pro SP1 64bit

Gebeurtenisnaam van probleem: APPCRASH
Naam van de toepassing: Setup.exe_Setup
Versie van toepassing:
Tijdstempel van toepassing: 52eb9f5e
Naam van foutmodule: clr.dll
Versie van foutmodule: 4.0.30319.1
Tijdstempel van foutmodule: 4ba21eeb
Uitzonderingscode: c0000005
Uitzonderingsmarge: 00000000001083f0
Versie van besturingssysteem: 6.1.7601.
Landinstelling-id: 1043
Aanvullende informatie 1: dcfb
Aanvullende informatie 2: dcfba010d1ec8fd4063122ebfed055f4
Aanvullende informatie 3: dfb1
Aanvullende informatie 4: dfb1408a6b543b607a615c484c749c20


It worked for me to install didn’t crash.
And Cubase 8.0.5 seems to work fine.

Hi Geerj0,

Check the minimal requirements regarding .NET packages. Also investigate which version clr.dll has and to which .NET package it belongs. All .NET packages are supossed to live with each other and should complent each other, also supporting multiple version of the same DLL.

When googling this you see many problems regarding .NET 4.0, you can either deinstall .NET4 and install .NET 4.5, or look at this solution:

You’re best bet is to update all .NET version and install the .NET packages which you do not have.

We have .NET1, .NET2, .NET3, .NET3.5, .NET4, .NET4.5 & .NET4.51.

note Ooh and I’m not sure 'bout .NET1: I haven’t encountered any application which needed this and I’m not sure if W7 supports it.

I used 7zip to unzip the update-exe-archive because it crashed on my compter too.

Then I was able to install the update choosing an .msi installer
(can’t remember excactly what the file name was).

Thanks mroekalea, I suppose the .NET packages were not up to date. I fixed it with WIndows update.

Problem solved!