Cubase update from 5 to Pro 8 problem

Hi, I have been trying to activate the license for a recent upgrade from Cubase 5 to Pro 8 on my PC (Windows 8.1). Pro 8 has downloaded but when I try to open it it says ‘no valid license found’ I then ‘start license validation’ and enter the activation code supplied with the e mail order confirmation. It then tells me that ‘no license to upgrade selectable’.

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks Greg.

Double check that you bought the correct upgrade product.

it says ‘Cubase Pro 8 Update from Cubase 4 / 5’ on the invoice, and I have Cubase 5…

Install latest e-Licenser software and make sure your USB licenser is connected and the Cubase 5 license shows. Then enter the activation code for the Pro 8 update. Then when the C8 license shows Cubase should start up…

thanks for the replies.

have the latest e licenser software installed and usb is connected. the cubase 5 license is there and when i add the activation code the Pro 8 update appears in the box below but when i press ‘continue’ i get the ‘no license available…’ message.


Are you sure you aren’t trying to update from Cubase 5 LE?

Post a screen shot of your elicenser with both the USB and Soft Elicenses showing, then we will know what’s going on. Erase the dongle serial number from the image.

Just double checked. I have Cubase Studio 5 and apparently can’t therefore update it to Cubase 8. As it wasn’t made clear when I purchased the download, and as it hasn’t been activated, I’ve asked for a refund…

Just need to work out how, and what, I can upgrade to from Cubase 5.5.3. Anyone know?

Thanks for your help to date.

Weird, I don’t see Cubase Studio 5 mentioned anywhere in the shop, to upgrade from…

Check out (sorry)