Cubase update from 6 to 10 - Lost eLicenser


I logged a support ticket 15 days ago with my question and have had no response. I was hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

I bought Cubase 4 and upgraded to Cubase 6 in 2011. For some stupid reason my eLicenser was not registered to my email address .

I moved overseas to Aus last year and one package was lost in the process which contained my usb eLicenser.

I have proof of purchase and the CDs for Cubase 4 and 6 and want to upgrade to Cubase 10 whilst the 50% offer is still active (anyone know when this ends?) but would like to know if my proof of purchase is enough and what the process would be.

Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, the official Steinberg support is the only one, who can help in this case.

If you are still using the computer where you were using the USB-eLicenser, the data could be stored in a specific eLicenser file, so they could recover it.

You could buy the update from Cubase 6 (you own, hopefully) to Cubase Pro 10 now already and activate it at the moment, when you will get your license back. Of course, there is a risk, you will not get Cubase 6 license back (if you wouldn’t be able to provide necessary information to Steinberg), then the update is useless and you would need a new full license.

The 50% off sale for Cubase ends on 3 June.

As Martin says, only Steinberg support can help in relation to your lost Cubase 6 licence. Even though Cubase 6 is a long way back, that licence would discount the cost of Cubase Pro 10 by just less than half the cost of outright purchase of a new Cubase Pro 10 download licence (the eLicenser is an extra cost no matter what, seeing as you no longer have one, so it it more sensible to compare against the cost of a download licence rather than boxed product). It is understandable you want the lost licence back.

Especially if no trace remains of the eLicenser on your system, it is possible Steinberg will take the view that licenses held on unregistered USB eLicensers are equivalent to cash - if you lose the eLicenser, you lose the licence - and that you should have claimed for the mislaid licence against the removal company. That said, liability is often explicitly disclaimed in courier and removal contracts for computer software licences and other cash equivalents unless specialist insurance is in place for this type of product. I hope Steinberg are able to help.

Looking at it another way, the 50% off sale gives you the opportunity to purchase Cubase Pro 10 for almost the same price as the regular price to upgrade Cubase 6 to Cubase Pro 10. This is worth bearing in mind if you cannot recover your lost Cubase 6 licence by the end of the sale.