Cubase Update is mental pressure only

In this time FL Studio is the best DAW in this planet. They are giving lots of upgrade and updates to their valuable customers which absolutely free. Logic Pro also stands on this line. But Steinberg product Cubase is asking huge money for their every upgrade. This time Steinberg has broken their all records regarding upgrading price. It’s really painful for all customers.

Nobody said you need to upgrade to C13.
Upgrade price was the same for the last three versions.

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I was quite pleased it was still the same as last time which was 18 months ago now. It’s by no means a huge amount.

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Read the posts you don’t want Cubase 13 they improved on one side but broke on the other sides this is not something you want! You literally payig for swaping one feature for another this is not update.

It’s promotion, so what do you expect? Do you really think the marketing guys stay away from a freshly updated product?

So you can use FL , right?

And you got free upgrades too.

So what’s with all the moaning? Just skip Steinberg. No?

Maybe he can stay quiet on the Steinberg forum?
At least, I will not go to the FL forum and start messing with the people there.


I find the “ignore” feature on this forum very valuable :wink:


The problem with the ignore feature is, it ignores me.

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You’re not ignored in my feed :grinning:

In FL Forum ignore works as expected.



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Of course, it does. It’s fruity loops land.

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No forum is anyone’s personal property. I have written my personal opinion. Since I bought Cubase spent my money, I have the right to say good or bad. I have nothing to do if it offends anyone.
When I see the upgrade price 132 USD from Cubase 12 Pro to Cubase 13 Pro, which is only after 18 months, which is huge for me.
Those who think it’s okay. Ok for him. I am not forbidding also anyone to buy Cubase.

Why ??
Where I will go or not that my personal. Your suggestion not required.
Are you owner of Steinberg??
I have the rights to share personal opinion being a customer. If you have any issue, you can ignore it.

Why, what?
You said:

So, it’s cool, stick to that, nobody forced you to buy Cubase. But I guess you are mad with yourself for buying. But still not our fault.

Yeah of course, democrasy. Go where you like, but any chances that it is elsewhere? No?

So according to you, and thanks for the tip, I can suggest whatever I want. If you have any issue, you can ignore it.

I admit it, you uncovered me. I am owner of Steinberg and undercover user of this forum and because I am making so much money I am so bored so I am coming in here trolling just to spice up my life a bit.

You can say what you like and we can reply saying what we like or think.


Still I know that customer feedback is accepted at every where.
Can I ask something sir if you allow me … I didn’t know that customer feedback is strictly prohibited here…

Sorry, this has gotten downright ridiculous.

@PARTHA_PRATIM_GHOSH of course you can say what you want. But then, you have to put up with the fact that everyone else can too.

I’ll close this one for now.