Cubase Update to version 10 from 9.5.50 HELP

I paid for the update to version 10 from 9.5.50, got my activation code and downloaded the download assistant, but in there I cannot see where it says Update from version 9.5.50 to 10 anywhere !
Is there a problem or do I have to download the FULL version of 10 ? :blush:

Come on - only a few posts underneath yours…

Well you could have said “You have to download version 10 full” and not give me a sarcastic answer
but then maybe you don’t know how to be nice to other people, a little manners goes a long way.

3318 posts in less than 4 years. Too much time on his hands. Manners, especially online are a thing of the past.
BTW, download the FULL version!! :laughing:

Do as you say, not as you do…