Cubase Update / Upgrade policy

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this topic has probably been discussed before - I used the search function but could not come up with the exact solution to my question. If there’s already a topic, then my apologies, in that case, please post the link here and you can close my new topic. :slight_smile: So here goes:

Cubase 9 has been released now, but I’m still “stuck” at Cubase 6.5 … I just missed the opportunity to upgrade to 7, 7.5, then 8, 8.5 in good time (so it’s kind of my own fault, yes). But Steinberg now wants 300 bucks (Euro not Dollar mind you) from 6.5 to 9 now… :astonished: Sigh. So… the longer I keep “waiting”, the lesser the chance I can ever buy an update to Cubase again! 300 bucks is almost the price for a full sequencer software and I just don’t have that amount of cash for a mere and the only possible Cubase update which is to Cubase 9.

It’s a real pity that Steiberg does not offer step-by-step updates, the moment a new version comes around. :frowning:

So my question is: Is there still a way to update step-by-step? How do other people handle this? Where can I still get a Cubase 7, 7.5 update… then when I bought it, a Cubase 8, and so on? Just with pure luck on Ebay or something? Any ideas?

If I wait any longer, I might as well buy a Cubase 10 full version instead of having the chance to update in small steps with a much fewer amount of money.

I’m sure there are many Cubase users with exactly the same “problem” who don’t want to swallow the bitter pill, so it’s an important question and interesting topic.

Thanks for your reply, and sorry if it indeed has been discussed before. A link to that topic would be great in this case.


Well, usually x.5 to x.0 version updates are € 99, x.0 to x.5 version updates are € 49,
So in your case that would be:
2 x € 49
3 x € 99
So what do you expect to gain with a “step-by-step” update? If at all ypu should look for a grace period update.

Well, then do it - you´d even have a 2nd license then

Not really…

So what do you expect to gain with a “step-by-step” update? If at all ypu should look for a grace period update.

I guess you haven’t really understood what I meant. I can’t afford to pay 300 at once at the moment (and for months to come, but I need a Cubase update now), and the longer I wait the more expensive the “Cubase 6.5-to-Cubase x.x-update” gets, so with step by step I mean: For example in the first month, paying 99 Euro for 6.5 to 7, next month 7.0 to 7.5 49 Euro, etc, until I arrive at Cubase9. I just can’t afford 300 at once, that’s all. in 49/99€ steps it would be possible but I missed to update in time (which was my own fault as said). So it’s just “tough luck” now? I bet I’m not the only one with that “problem”, so…

Not an interesting topic? Maybe not for you, I don’t care, but for me and I bet others who “missed” to update Cubase in time and can’t pay the “full update price” and are striving for an alternative now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe Steinberg or some online shop offers payment in installments or something like that?

So if anybody has an idea (or was/is in the same situation), it’ll be nice if he posts it here, thanks. :slight_smile:

Buy it with paypal credit? 6 months to pay?

I’ve did that with different softwares. Have to find a vendor that can do paypal credit.

Sweetwater has 6 months on everything I think, but 3 and 4 years on lot of brands but not steinberg.

Hello Tacman7,

thanks for your reply, that sounds like a very nice idea! I’ll ask around and can surf the web to find a vendor/online shop who offers paypal credit on Steinberg products!

Maybe I could write to Steinberg as well? I mean they want to make good BUSINESS! So they should be interested to also serve people who can’t pay it in one go. I mean where’s the difference for them, between 1x300 or 6x50? 300 bucks is 300 bucks for them, so…!!! :slight_smile: Thanks again for your reply in any case! :slight_smile:

You’ ve got roughly 12 months fro now on until the price raises again. That’ s € 25 per month

Apply for a sweetwater card: I think musicians friend does that as well as others. Some have 3 payments.

No Interest if Paid in Full within 6 Months ‡!

On purchases with your Sweetwater Musician’s All Access Platinum Card. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within 6 Months. Minimum Monthly Payments required.

Sounds cool, Tacman7, I’ve to check that, thanx again (what requirements needed etc, if any), if anyone can apply for that (paypal credit or sweetwater), then ok.