Cubase updates(12.5/13) shifted from Dec to March?

is there any info if new cubase version update releases shifted from the usual Nov/Dec to March now ?
just out of curiosity

No info.

I seem to remember that just before 12 was released the same question arouse and a member of the Steinberg team said "There are no plans for .5 releases " weather that remains the same is another thing

im refereeing to the release date more then the version number.
probably steinberg keep it as a secret, just wanted to know how to spend the budget on December this year ,if cubase new version
update included or not (not a big deal anyway )

If there’s no .5 release then we have another year to go before 13

if you feel the urge to spend some money you can send $120 to my paypal account. I can offer that.


Well you missed it,the 120$ already gone on December. Try again on Dec 2023

I’m happy to wait until Dec 2023, if it gives the programming team time to thoroughly repair as many issues as possible and create a good solid, well-tested new version of Cbase.

Nah. The weather always changes. They even throw paint to complain about it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: