cubase upgrade from 10 pro to 10.5

Hello I installed cubase 10 pro back in november but took advantage of the grace period and also downloaded 10.5. I had many loops missing, Problems with groove agent and padshop would not import samples etc… So i have been using cubase 10 instead. Lately i downloaded the update for cubase 10.5 windows version. And padshop has fixed itself but i still have half the loops that i had in cubase 10 also my 2.4 vst instruments were blacklisted. And to top it all cubase crashes on shutdown. I have noticed there is an update from cubase 10 pro to cubase 10.5 pro in the download manager in the region of 1.3 gig. So my question is, Can i completely uninstall 10.5 and then use this update from pro 10 to pro 10.5 latest version, Retain all my loops, sounds etc… and also keep all my third party plugins intact. All my plugins are above 2.4. Or should i stay well clear of 10.5 latest. Thanks .


Myself, I would recommend to use Cubase 10.5 Full Installer.

Make sure your plug-ins are up to date, please.