Cubase Upgrade from 13 Elements

HI, so a very long time user of Cubase. I still have my Atari STFM and Cubase version … from 1989. I think it still works!!!

Many iterations later I have found myself with Cubase 13 Elements.

Question is, would I be best to go to Cubase Artist now I am a little bit more comfortable with modern Cubase. Realistically is Cubase Artist worth the money. I’m mainly project based and for fun. Don’t think I’m ever going to release anything TBH…

I notice most of the Youtube content out there definately refers to Cubase Pro, so I’m sometimes left a little frustrated at not being able to do what these guys are explaining.

Any opinions welcome.


Maybe check out the comparison between the two versions. It’s on Steinberg’s website, Products.

Additionally you could try the 30 day trial version of Artist. If you’re not sure, maybe wait for the next special sales. (spring or summer?).
Elements has its limits.

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