Cubase upgrade from cubase 9 artist to cubase 13 artist

Hi Friends,

I will be happy if someone can help me with this query of mine.

I have Cubase 9 Artist on my PC with the license on my USB elicenser (dongle).

If I upgrade to Cubase 13 artist then:

  1. Would I need my dongle to activate it ?
  2. Where will my license reside ?
  3. What happens when Steinberg retires the USB elicensing system. Will I be able to use my upgraded Cubase 13 ?

Thank you

Your proposed upgrade will result in a non-upgradeable Cubase Artist 11 licence on your USB eLicenser and a Cubase Artist 13 licence in Steinberg Licensing. You do need your USB eLicenser for a one-off upgrade transaction to make the Cubase Artist 13 licence permanent.

The eLicenser licence can be used for any version of Cubase Artist up to version 11, and cannot be used for any further upgrades.

The Steinberg Licensing licence can be used for Cubase Artist 12 and 13. It can be activated on up to three computers by logging Steinberg Activation Manager into your My Steinberg account. Future upgrades happen entirely in the Steinberg Licensing system - if you upgraded to Cubase Artist 14 when that is released, the upgrade would swap your Cubase Artist 13 licence for a Cubase Artist 14 licence.

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@David_W is totally correct.

Just a small note, this is not an upgrade. If you keep the same edition (Artist in your case), we call it update. Upgrade is, if you would go from the Artist edition to the Pro edition.


Hi David_W and Martin.Jirsak.

Luv you guys.

You took a ton of worries off my head.

Thanks :blush:

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