Cubase Upgrade Licences Don't Work

I upgraded Cubase 10 to 13. As a result, my download codes have been used and can’t be used again. The licences have not passed across to Cubase 13 so I cannot access sample packs and instruments already purchased. How do I re-activate existing packs, libraries and VST etc?

I’ve looked through in depth and cannot find a solution that works.

Thanks for your help.

Cubase 13 uses Steinberg Licensing now, did you activate the license in the Activation Manager?

Hi, thanks for replying so quickly. I do use the activation manager, but I have to re-input the code, when I do, it says it’s already been claimed so I can’t use it again. I was hoping it was as easy as you said so fingers crossed there’s something simple I’ve missed.

That is not possible, because these codes are one time codes. They can not be used a second time.

What exactly is happening when you try to use Cubase 13? What does the Activation Manager show, is it activated?

Can you post a screenshot of the eLicneser Control Center and the Activation Manager? Make sure you blur the codes in the pictures.

Did you look at your profile in the mySteinberg site, there you can see what products you have licensed via eLicenser and what is now using Steinberg Licensing.

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Hi Juergen, thank you for your immediate advice, I understand it more now.
Previous sample packs, vst i had purchased were showing, but unavailable to select to use, along with a great many others I hadn’t seen before, but I assumed they came as part of the upgrade to 13.
I have opened elicenser again to take screenshots, they started to update and all the old ones appeared in the usb section. I can now use the old packs and vst, however, there are lots that I still can’t use, eg Noir, Neuro Mindset, Nu Metal and many others. Did these come with Cubase 13, or do I have to purchase more licences? I’m not sure why they are there if I can’t use them.
I’m glad I can use my old ones. Thank you for sending me back to basics and showing me the way these work.

Hi @Pouncer,

Only those packs in the Cubase 13 section in the Steinberg Download Assistant can be used with the Cubase 13 license, like Noir.

Neuro Mindset or Nu Metal are expansion and have to be purchased separately.

But I can see in your account that you have already purchases some other expansion which were at that time on the eLicenser. If you log into your MySteinberg account, you will see there a tab called “Vouchers”. There you will find new Steinberg Licensing (our new license management system) licenses for those expansion.

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Hi Matthias, sorry for the slow reply, your advice is very helpful and I have now installed even more on my DAW. Thank you very much

It’s a shame that I made the mistake of installing neuro, etc, as I now have 100s of samples and loops I can’t access, and it’s not inspiring to be faced with a list of things to scroll through that you can’t use. Is there an easy way to delete all these?