Cubase upgrade problem

Hello group,

I recently bought an upgrade Cubase 7.5 from C6 but my older Cubase is 4?
I already opened the software and tried to install it, but the licensing won’t go through since I don’t have
Cubase 6… The upgrade didn’t have a USB dongle so I was using C4’s dongle… Should have not installed this software, I know… I got too excited and did not even think about it? dumb move :frowning:
What do I do? Pls help!

Sounds like a email to customer support is in order. Good luck.

If in the USA:

Regards :sunglasses:

I send them an email and told me they can’t do anything about it &
just return and exchange it at Guitar Center? not sure if that’s possible since
I opened this software? :frowning:

GC is usually pretty good…

Bring the Steinberg email reply with you to GC. Hopefully you will be purchasing the correct upgrade version at the same time. They might just do it for you. If not you will have to try and sell your license to recoup some cash.

Good luck.

Regards. :sunglasses: