Cubase Upgrade Timing Advice

Hey all,

I’m cringing at the thought of the comments already, but here goes… I’m still using Cubase 7.5. There. Feels good to get that off my chest.

Lateral shift in the film industry a few years ago left me splitting my time between the video and audio side of things, and I’ve just never felt I had the need (or time to deal with) the upgrade. But, I’ve had a good year, and would like to finally invest in the update.

My question is about timing / learning curve. I need to finish a film by the end of January, and will likely have a pretty tight window between picture lock and delivery to do the score and sound design.

I’m wondering how different 12 is from 7.5, and whether I’d be causing myself a lot of extra stress by upgrading now. Is there a lot to set up and learn?

Are there a ton of new features, and if so, would they help my workflow, or just create distractions and frustrations while I’m trying to race to the finish on this?

In short, do I update Cubase now, or wait until this film is done?

Really, there’s no way anyone can know all the details of your requirements, and any answers you might receive here will be strictly subjective, and biased.

I say wait. It’s just that simple. Your primary job is not testing and learning software, but working on films.

In the mean time you can download the newest version in just a few minutes and obtain a trial license to have a look.

The devs do try not to break old workflows, the difference between 7.5 and 12 is large, but the gestalt of the program remains Steinbergian.

I think there will be some features you will benefit from with an upgrade to version 12.

BUT - never undertake major changes to your tools while you’re in the middle of a job with a deadline. So, finish the job first, then do the upgrade and enjoy the new stuff on your next project.

You’ve both supported my gut feeling… sometimes good to have your hunches echoed back to you, so thanks for taking the time to reply.

We were pretty early adopters back in '96, and nothing between that and 7.5 made me pull my hair out, but I think with tight time I should play it safe. I’ll DL 12 and fiddle if/when I have time, and then I can migrate the session at any point if I’m feeling brave.

@Johnny_Moneto, I’m curious if anything in particular comes to mind in terms of new features that might benefit me right off the top? Anything specific off the top of your head that I should zero in on and see if it helps the process in any way?

It really depends on how you work, what you do. But so much has been added since 7-8 years ago that there will be something good for you included. Do yourself the favor, go to YouTube and search for “what’s new in Cubase 8”, then 8.5, 9, and so on.

Upgrading doesn’t stop you using the version you have but you can learn the new one in parallel. I would still hang on though as you just missed discounted upgrade price. Keep an eye on the forum and subscribe to Steinberg emails. Then you will know when the offers come out.

Cubase 7.5 is the one most stable and ironed version of cubase ever (similar like 9.5) You will certainly find some nice additions but be sure that you will find some frustrating things too.