Cubase upgrade to 11 from 9 not working on new laptop windows 10

I have installed cubase and the elicencer on a new laptop after upgrading from 9 to 11. I cannot get it to work. I’ve raised a support ticket and keep getting nowhere. I managed to get the licencer to recognise my upgrade but cubase refused to launch: Could not connect POS, click OK to abort. Then I was advised to uninstall and reinstall the licencer and now the licencer does not recognise my activation code (Currently there is no licence available which can be upgraded by your upgrade licence) so back to cubase support - nothing since yesterday. I’ve got 30 years experience as an IT consultant so am fairly computer literate. How can this software be so problematic ? I appreciate any help that can be offered.

Cubase Pro 11?
Typically the activation code is used once then installs the license on the USB device.
Or is your license for a lower version of Cubase and installed on your laptop itself?

Cubase Elements. I had a licence for Cubase 9, upgraded an old PC to windows 10 and it stopped working. Couldn’t get it to work. So I thought I’d try upgrading to 11 and on a new laptop I’ve recently bought as a fresh install. Managed to get the licence activated but cubase wouldn’t launch with the Could not connect POS error. Back to support who told me to uninstall and reinstall and now the licencer doesn’t recognise my cubase 11 activation code and any trace of cubase 9 in my products has gone. Any suggestions ? Thanks

Elements uses a soft-elicenser, one that is installed on the laptop… I think.
At one point I had to find that license on my laptop and delete it.
And start fresh.
I don’t know how to do that, but that’s the direction I’d go in.
Perhaps someone with Elements will chime in.

If you go into your MySteinberg area, I think there’s info about how to deal with a soft-elicenser, and move it off your laptop, onto new one, or to simply reinstall it.

Thanks for the suggestion, I was given instructions from Steinberg support to remove the elicenser software including checking to remove manual files (did that but didn’t need to remove anything) and it still doesn’t work. I don’t understand why this is so painful. Zillions of apps out there. With this you get a licence - fine, you download and install the software - fine, associate the licence code and should be away. But I’m not. I’ve done nothing to my new laptop that would infer a conflict. Am I alone or is this a common problem ? Have used cubase for years but can’t put up with this much longer. Nothing back from my support ticket since Friday. Any help appreciated…

I’d say you’re not alone. But the problem is it’s so damn hard to point blame.
I tend to chalk it up to the digital realm in its infancy stage. I think we’re victims of that.
100 years from now, things will be better.

I would say go through the steps of uninstalling the entire Cubase program, including the licensor stuff as Steinberg has suggested. Do that again.
Then, trash your preferences for Cubase. Find that folder, find all the folders in there with Cubase in the name and hide them. Rename them “Cubase 10.5 HIDE”… “Cubase 9 HIDE”… or something.

Make sure you’re at square 1, and install 11 from scratch, avoiding the entire upgrade process.

This is usually the fix for a lot of things. But if it isn’t, for you, then you’ll know something is seriously bjorked with the licensing thing… and then I’d slam Steinberg with support tickets until they respond adequately. That’s what I’d do.

I feel your pain, I do. There are times when I almost just broke my entire computer out of frustration.

Let me know how it goes.

Your computer needs the to have a working Cubase 9 license to be able to upgrade to C11.
If you have changed computer, the C9 license needs to be reactivated to be able to upgrade.
If you managed to upgrade, but wiped it afterwards, you need to reactivate the C11 license as it is now the valid license that has overwritten the C9 license.
This is of cause all referring to soft-eLicenser.

I was given a link to an installation helper which sorted my licence problem out. Cubase doesn’t work unless run as administrator. It’s working now so I’m happy. Thanks to all for the feedback

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