Cubase upgradefor me

hello, im looking to upgrade my cubase, I am currently on CUBASE LE AI ELEMENTS 11, what is the next upgrade as I want to purchase the correct one, thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you want to stay at the Elements edition? Or do you want to go for Artist or the highest edition Pro?

Here is the Cubase editions comparison chart.

I am on CUBASE LE AI ELEMENTS 11, thats the title for my app so I am curious to know which one I upgrade to if it from the 3rd or the 1st option when given which choice to upgrade

so I am assuming I have AI elements as that is what is says in ‘my products’


I see, now I understand. Please open eLCC, here you can see the exact license name. Or start Cubase and you will see the name in the splash screen or in the About screen.

so would this be the option I choose? look in bottom right for cubase program which is open


We still don’t know what exact license you have right now, neither of you want to go for a higher edition (Elements; Artist or Pro) out keep the current one and just get current Cubase version (12).

I have cubase AI 11, how do I upgrade to 12?


If you want Cubase AI 12, this is not an upgrade, this is an update. You will get it for free.

First try to start Steinberg Activation Manager and go thru the Grace Period process. Maybe you will get the license already. If not, get in contact with your local support, provide your MySteinberg email address. They will send you the code.

Or do you want higher edition? Like Cubase Elements 12?

id rather have elements 12


Then the upgrade you pointed to is the one.