Cubase (UR-apps) crash on start up after win 1903 update

After I did the Win 1903 update (again), the Steinberg UR824 Applications makes Cubase crash. Cubase starts trying to install something related to UR-apps, then I get a strange message. If I then click abort I have to shut Cubase down via the system manager. If I don’t abort nothing happens, the scren is the same after hours.
Because of this problem I recently did a fresh win install, but I still get the same issue. I have found two unsatisfying solutions: One is to revert to win 1809, the other is to remove Steinberg UR824 Applications, and I would like to have both the latest win build and the Applications, so any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.
I’m on Cubase Pro 10.0.30, but this happened also on earlier verisons too (yeah I have been trying to install win 1903 for some time…)


Install the very latest UR driver and TOOLS, please.

Alright, I’ll install the latest driver (have the one in the big update package, but yeah I see a new one is available), then reinstall Applications, crossing my fingers this will solve my problem.
Thanks Martin!


Please don’t forget update also the TOOLS.

Well With the new driver I could install everytning, now it works, thanks Martin:)