Cubase+UR242+XP-80 midi output to XP-80 won't work

I have set up my UR242 and have everything working perfectly except midi output to my XP-80 (Midi input works perfectly). Cubase midi level indicates Cubase is triggering, but the XP-80 will not trigger. The VST instruments wor fine with the same track data. I have followed Roland’s instructions to the letter and have switched the XP to test mode to confirm the midi ports are working, which they are. When the XP-80s internal sequencer triggers the performance parts, the respective part leds flicker if in Local/Tx/Rx you have Rx selected. There is no led flickering induced by the UR242.

I have tried all the output options with correct channels selected, ensured local & remote switches are off in XP-80 - System and turned off midi through in XP-80 Sequencer, as per Roland’s specific instructions for sequencing from an external sequencer. I have also toggled anything in Cubase associated with midi and searched other threads for similar problems.

I have eliminated the XP-80 as a cause of this problem.

In Audio/Midi setup, when I test studio, the computer beeps and the connection arrows light up when the XP-80 sends midi signals to the computer. I can’t get any test confirmation of midi sent to the XP-80 either by clicking on the devices in the Midi setup or monitoring this window while Cubase is supposed to be sending midi signals to the XP-80 by playing a midi sequence.

There can only be two things broken.

1 - My UR242

2 - Cubase.

I suspect it’s cubase, because I imagine that the Midi setup should indicate signal being sent to the XP-80 by at least lighting up the connection arrows, so the midi output appears not to be making it to the driver even though cubase appears as though it should be sending midi.

Cubase’s instruments are fun and sound great, but there’s only a few of them. XP-80 has 64 note polyphony and I also have expansion boards, but my UR242 currently won’t allow me to use any XP-80 instruments because of this problem.

So I am limited to GarageBand capabilities. At least Garage band doesn’t hit me up for $50 every other time I start the program. I probably will spend the money, but not while I am limited to GarageBand capabilities.

FIrst try this if your on PC ,

for a MAC -->

Midi-OX is a MIDI monitor program, so you will see what is sent on which channel and the CC’s Rpn’s etc etc.

I had a XP80 way back, and the global channel must be 1 en local on must be set to “OFF” and don’t know for sure, but the XP also shouldn’t be in performance modus.

Thanks, I will try these tips. I have tried in performance, sequencer and patch modes with no success. I will post an update once I’ve tried these tips.

Ok thanks Menoj. Midi-OX shows note data going both ways. Turns out a bad connection within the XP was the culprit. I’m putting it down to a obtuse manual & test menu “does the lcd display OK” could mean more than one thing. Under connection there should actually be “OK” displayed when the midi cable is looped back in, as it does now after I disconnected/reconnected the board that houses the expansions. It seems obvious now in hindsight, but the XP has operated perfectly otherwise, so I thought the test was telling me “connection” and the display looked OK. I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe the test function saying “not connected” would be more helpful. I have no scruples when it comes to avoiding responsibility.

I’m tentatively noting this issue is solved, Cubase is triggering the XP now, thankfully it appears it was only a bad connection.

So neither of Cubase or UR242 were at fault. Both appear to be working perfectly although Cubase has been falling over a bit through this process. Hopefully it settles down now that I won’t be toggling everything in sight. I also was doing things with the displays which were giving me trouble.

Happy I could help, cheers!