Cubase USB e license dongle

Is this helpful to purchase if I have Cubase LE 5. I’ve always used the e-licenser website to renew my software license. Is it any easier to use the USB flash drive device? I don’t want to spend money on something I really don’t need, but I find the software download process is cumbersome. I finally created a Word doc and listed step by step the process and that has saved me some headaches. I’m finding that Cubase is quirky, has a mind of its own. Some days/weeks, it works just fine with no effort, and then if I put it away for a few weeks, the next time I come to use it, it won’t work at all and I’ve changed none of the setting from the last time I used it.

Hi, the biggest advantage of the USB-eLicenser is, you can use your Cubase on multiple computers then. Where is the USB-eLicenser plugged-in, you can use Cubase.