Cubase User, Been a While, Questions?

Hi Folks.

I have always used Cubase but due to various changes in my life I have not been on it for quite a while, but am now able to crack on so to speak :slight_smile:

I have Cubase Pro 8.5, and UAD1 hardware on a PC, Using MOTU Audio hardware.

I have a few questions and would apricate it if anyone can possibly help?

1, What is the CPU load on Cubase 12 like compared to the older Cubase 8? My PC could handle 8 quite easy but will I need a new PC to run 12 ok?

2, If I was to purchase Cubase Artist 12 would I still be able to run the Cubase 8 pro plugins in Artist 12 that have been omitted from it? (like REVerence VST3 for example?)

3, I find is strange that it looks like Steinberg are offering me Nuendo 12 as a “Cross Grade” from Cubase 8 for £386.00, While I would have to pay £497.00 to buy Cubase 12? Are they trying to move us all over to Nuendo or am I missing something?

4, Lastly, What is the general scope on Cubase plugins nowadays? When I last left off with Cubase 8 they were improving allot and had some gems, along with handful of EAD1s I was set up quite well But I do know they chop and change sometimes?

Any feed back would be appreciated.


I would recommend to download Cubase 12 trial and test it on the given system.

You cannot downgrade from Pro to Artist. So you can update from Cubase Pro 8.5 to Pro 12.

Yes, you can use Cubase Pro 8.5 with the ISB-eLicenser. You will get Cubase Pro 11 license there, plus Cubase Pro 12 in the new licensing system.

And yes, you can open your old projects in Cubase 12 with all plug-ins.

The best price you can get is for the update to Cubase Pro 12.

I would say, there is generic, common plug-in set.

The bread and butter plugins like EQ, compressors and so on are perfectly sufficient. The channel strip is very convenient and I use it quite a lot. The only reason to get anything else is if you have special needs or want a specific sound.

The instruments, while not as plentiful as say Logic, are perfectly fine as well. Then there’s a bunch of novelty effects I’m guessing are made more for sound designers/the EDM crowd but I never use them so I can’t say if they are any good.

Should be £171. Pick the “Updates & Upgrades” option:

I find them to be great, I use stock where possible as most CPU efficient. Maybe it depends on the music you create, I guess. But there must be like 100 plugins included nowadays.

As they’re low CPU I tend to stack them up, that way you can take a standard EQ or compressor and add character with hints of tape sat/tube/amp emulation on top. The scope is pretty vast when you start combining like this.

Variaudio 3 is fantastic if you’re working with vocals.

Thanks for all your responses the feedback.

I have downloaded a trial of Cubase 12. (it was not offered as an upgrade on the main website add page which is why I thought it did not offer it)

CPU seems ok on a small project I had going. Though I can’t see the prologue vst synth and other instruments I was using in 8.5 when opened in 12. I did get a crash. But I will have to have a tweak around.

First impression. Great look and feel. It looks much more convenient and smartly laid out than my previous version. Makes my monitors seem bigger.


This one is not part of Cubase 12 anymore, sorry.