Cubase user preferences - Integrety

I would like to request a more stable way of handling user preferences in Cubase.

Anyone who has ever asked for troubleshooting advice or just been around these forums for long enough has surely seen the advice to delete or rename your preferences folder. It has even been dubbed “step #1 for any troubleshooting on Cubase” by one of the admins.

Surely there must be a better way of handling preferences to keep them from becoming corrupt or causing havoc to the application in general.


Would be handy for sure , but i think half the issue is Steinberg having to break things to implement new code for new ideas so the preferences are changing from version to version , i can’t remember them being this bad before C12 .
I think on my older build i went all the way from C8.5/9 to 11 with the same preferences and no problems , including Automap .
I’m sure there’s something big in the making here that every point update seems to defunk the preferences

At least we have the User preference folder in the program list now to make things a little easier instead of having to search the path


It works the very same way as any other system. If you want to keep it stable, backup it. Luckily we have Profile Manager in Cubase, which allows you to backup your stable preferences for later usage.

I’m not sure what you mean by system, but not all computer applications handle user preferences the same. Not even close. Furthermore, I personally have never seen the phrase “try deleting your preferences” being used as a go-to fix for just about any issue with an application other than here.

The issue is, they shouldn’t become unstable in the first place. What you’re describing are band aid fixes that wouldn’t be required if the root problem was addressed.



Imagine a Steinberg forum where half of the posts does not contain the phrase “Have you tried starting in safe mode with prefs disabled?”.


Agree, it happened to me now as well. Had horrible performance issues, which cam out of nowhere. As soon as I reset/restored the preferences in Appdata/Roaming everything was fine again. There must be some file getting corrupted in a weird way during the use of Cubase, which then causes this.

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yes this needs some work :slight_smile:

and maybe a search fuction in Prefs…its way too cluttered :slight_smile: