Cubase user with question about the next Nuendo release.

Hello, I have been using Cubase for composing and largely love it. I came from Pro Tools mostly (and Reaper sometimes). I’ve read that some of the PT-like advanced editing features are only in Nuendo and not in Cubase. I do music composing, not post, but the editing features (basic things like the locator going to the beginning of the range selection) available in Nuendo are essential to a fast and efficient editing workflow. I don’t need most of the “post only” features in Nuendo (ADR, conform, etc.), and it’s very very very expensive to pay only to get the editing features that I’m used to in PT, but I would if I needed to. But it also looks like Nuendo is always behind Cubase with other features. Having only used Cubase 8.5 I can’t imagine giving some of them up, and I’m looking forward to what C9 improves and offers.

Does anyone know if Nuendo will catch up to Cubase 9 with it’s next release, or will it only catch up with 8.5 then not with 9 until possibly a year or so after? I left PT partly because of how close-minded they are with some things, and I’m sad to see that I can’t have some essential editing functions unless I pay a lot of money to upgrade to Nuendo, which is oddly behind Cubase with other features. I don’t consider the editing things I was talking about above to be post-only features in the least. Thanks for any light to shed on the subject!

It is what it is…Backwards as all hell. It has always been like this though. Cubase gets the goods first. Nuendo will not see another major release until 2017 so I’ve read. I’m planning to move away from Nuendo as I don’t really need the extra post stuff anymore. I stopped upgrading at 6.5. Cubase will do the job but there isn’t even a discount on Cubase if you already own Nuendo??? That is completely baffling. Double sucker punch to the gut, ah I mean wallet. They would rather I spend my money with their competitors instead of giving me a competitive discount for owning and updating Nuendo since Version 1. What??? Yes, you read that correctly. No discount at all for loyal customers going back almost 2 decades.

If all you really want/need are a few “advanced” editing features, I would look elsewhere instead of paying a premium for features you may never use. Nuendo’s Video Engine is in turmoil at the moment as well. They used Apple’s Quicktime format for far too long after it was announced that it would be going away. Not a good position for a “post” application to be in. A rock solid video engine is kind of crucial to the whole “post” thing IMHO. Especially when it costs as much as Nuendo does.

Good luck with your decision and happy editing!

Thanks, Rotund. Well, this is disheartening, to say the least!

To answer your questions, I find that you could program Cubase to do some of the move advanced features that appear only in Nuendo (e.g. Edit Mode, or Insert & Name Marker) with macros and key commands. An extra headache and step, but once it’s done, you’ll have it a key stroke away. Cubase has a demo so you could just try it out and see if you could make due with it. But there are little things that you can’t compensate for (Extra Mixer view, ADR etc.).

I’ve been thinking about switching to Cubase from Nuendo as well. It really bugs me that Cubase users get all the new toys first. I use to switch back and forth but that got tiring–especially when some of my Nuendo key commands wouldn’t work with Cubase because of missing features.

I was kind of hoping that they would both be on the same update cycle as the new version of Nuendo was taking so long. But we’ll see I guess. Still, I love working with Nuendo.

I’'m hoping the same! There are a few things you simply can’t do in Cubase, even with macros (like some very key features in Edit Mode, for example). As I said, I started with Cubase 8.5 and from a music/composing standpoint I can’t imagine not having some of the features there that aren’t in Nuendo yet. So I definitely won’t pay to upgrade to Nuendo since it’s behind Cubase in some ways that are important for me. Not sure what the answer is for someone in my position!

Is there a moderator here that can tell me what the plan is at this time?

Sunshy, can you share some of the macros you’re describing? Especially Insert and Name Marker – I miss that so badly.

I have found some other workarounds, but since you can’t have the range tool and arrow tool operating at the time it can be a bit limiting in some areas compared to some other DAWs I was formerly using.