Cubase users with Behringer x32 in recording setup

I’ve been using the X32 rack as an audio interface for the last 18 months.
I also have the X-Touch universal control surface.

I’ve never managed to get performer or transit to work via this interface. is this because its only available through control room?

Also any other useful tips or advantages to using the x32 as an interface would be gladly received.

Hi and welcome,

What exactly do you mean by this, please? What is your use case? What do you want to achieve?

What sort of tips should it need, the X32 rack is a pretty perfect solution for many tasks. A 32 in/out interface means a lot of channels to record simultaneously while being able to feed plenty of headphones.

I’m using one for live actions (… I did as long as live actions were happening at least), together with a Midas DL32. For some out of house recording projects I brought this system instead of my trusty Fireface UFX + Audient/Focusrite rack and it works flawless, allows me to do all sorts of well sounding headphone mixes & whatever the job needed. While being astonished what such a cheap rig can do/how good it sounds.

BTW, I’ve made some efforts to compare the X32 rack preamps to the ‘better’ DL32 preamps to my other rig. Result: they all sound great and are interchangeable in practice.

What puzzled me from time to time was the 8-channel block routing, especially if some external pres are used. Though I mean to understand the structure of the device pretty well, it took me some hours sometimes to get the desired signal out of the right hole, so to speak :slight_smile:

No idea of performer/transit, haven’t really used them but can’t imagine a reason that those are limited by the interface.

I want to use vst performer sessions with the x32. Currently they dont work.


What are “vst performer sessions”, please? I have tried to Google, but I didn’t find anything.

VST Connect performer


VST Connect is compatible with Cubase Pro and Nuendo only. See System Requirements here, please.

Sorry but you have missed the point of the question and are talking nonsense.
Thanks for your help, but please move on mate.

I have Cubase 11 and all of the hardware in my profile.


Sorry, I forgot the point. :thinking: :grinning:

Yes, VST Connect Performer requires the Control Room enabled.

Yes I also use the Behringer X32 with Cubase. Very powerful combination. I show how I’m using it myself: