Cubase Usually Have Promotion This Time of Year?

Does Cubase usually have a holiday promotion on upgrades in Cubase? Would love to move up a version but with the pandemic, money is an issue.


Their promotions are usually somewhere between April-August. They run a month with 40% off for upgrades and a month with 40% off for updates.

I’m in the same boat as you mate, hoping for them to have a promotion during black Friday. Let’s hope.

The new version is normally released in November, so no discounts at this time of year, normally. We shall see though.

Cubase 11 came out November 11. No chance of a discount on UPGRADES but there COULD be some promo on SOMETHING from Steinberg during black friday period. My bet is that “Absolute” (the VST collection) would be a good thing for them to throw on sale on black friday.

Cubase sales use to be in late summer(from July). They never have Cubase sales for Black Friday (or Christmas) because they have just released a brand new version around that time of year, and it doesn’t make sense financially to put it on sale immediately.

There’s usually some other Steinberg stuff on promotion at BF though, but not Cubase.