Cubase v blue screen issue (for the geeks)

dmp file
my soundcard is a legacy audiophile2496 which i have been using for the last 15 years
with various computers and scores of different sound apps
BUT . . cubase12 keeps crashing no matter what . . this is the DMP fie
driver? choice makes no difference ( asio4all / generic / maudio )
is cubase12 a pile of sh**e or is it my soundcard
ps i have been running cubase5 for the last 18months with this config
with no crashing issues



Obviously the crash is in the M-Audio Delta.


The last supported driver update for that soundcard was for Windows 7 SP1.


You have been using 15 year old software starting 18 months ago. How did that come about?

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I have been using the M-Audio Delta 2496 since more than 15 years…
No problem ever - rock solid.
Latency 2.4 + 2.0ms at 64 samples.

Was using the Delta 1010LT as a sub when my main Interfaces driver decided to go awol. Runs perfectly fine in W11 while using CB11, was rock solid,driver v6.0.8 from 2012. The same driver you should have.

The issue is more likely the system than Cubase.

Uninstall the driver, reboot the PC, reinstall the driver, reboot the PC.


If you are doing to try this, I would recommend to install the driver as administrator.

This ancient driver can only be installed with admin rights from Windows 8 onwards anyway. And yes, you need v6.0.8.

i installed c5 on this computer after i bought it 18months ago ???doh!

  • you dont necessarily need admin rights

i’ve never had any problems until i started using cubase12
os is windows 11
although dmp file is reporting win10

ive used various driver versions inc v6.08 ( this is the most up to date drive )2012
and is a w7 64bit driver

i know but whats spoofing the soundcard?

using v6.08

cubase 12 is the prob

No, I am/was using it in every version, up to 13 pro - with no problems.
‘administrator’ is necessary.

I have been using this interface since Cubase Score 2.0 from 1996 without any problems and with excellent latency (PCI Card).

the last version of cubase i used with this soundcard was v5
( on this computer for the last 18 months (os win7/win10/now win11 -no probs )
next time it crashes though ( could be min / hrs )
i will reinstall 6.08 as administrator

Cool. I hope you got a good deal on that USB-eLicenser. So, you used that license to update to Cubase 12?

Just wondering. Because if you did you could try, for example, Cubase 11 to see if it’s really a Cubase 12 issue.


This would be possible only if it’s not a second hand license. The license must be activated for the very first time, to be able to ask for the Grace Period.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, @Martin.Jirsak . I was not implying that a grace period update could have possibly taken place. Just that the registered Cubase 5 license could have been used to update to 12 at a discount, therefore enabling 11 and previous Cubase versions to be tried and tested to see if it’s really a “Cubase 12” issue.

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