Cubase V8 won't start after upgrading elicense to V9.5

Just bought the 9.5 upgrade from V8. Downloaded the latest elicenser and did the activation thing etc etc.
In the past I was always able to start older versions (SX3, 5, 7 ) after a major upgrade.
But now V8 won t start ( no valid license) after upgrading elicenser to V9.5 .

Shouldn’t this still work?
Did something go wrong with the upgrade process?

I contacted steinberg support 4 days ago, but no real response yet…

If you’re using Cubase 8 on another computer, you have to update the eLicenser Control Center on that computer for it to be able to see your Cubase 9.5 license.

I would recommend downloading the Cubase Pro 8.5.0 Update from this page, then applying the 8.5.30 update. It should be 100% compatible with Cubase 8 on top of having less bugs.

After installing it, run the Cubase 9.5 installer again to make sure that all files are 100% up to date.

thanks -
Just another detail, which might have an impact - there are 3 computers in the picture:

  1. An older windows XP with Cubase 5, 7 ( and some legacy hardware UAD cards etc )

  2. A more recent Win7 box with cubase 7 + 8. All new projects have been done with V8

Neither of these machines are normally connected to the internet

3) an office laptop where I do the downloads and run the eLicenser Control Center. there is no version of cubase installed here.
I updated the eLicense dongle from here and sneakernet it to the studio DAWs.

Do I still have to install the eLicenser Control Center on the DAWs?

Thanks Again.

The Windows XP machine will have to be connected to the internet to update the eLicenser license database.

As for the Windows 7 machine, you can just download the latest eLicenser Control Center from here and put it on a flash drive:

I would not connect an old XP computer to the internet - too risky for my opinion (internet security).
May be the database files could be copied from another computer. But I don’t know if this works or not.
And where the files are located.

Drat - was hoping to play with some new Christmas toys today.
But it turns out that to install V9 even the WIN7 box will have to be put back on the network again - .NET 4 framework needed.!

I appreciate the feedback, but I’m still terribly confused:
I always thought the eLincese dongle was the “keys to the kingdom”. And with that I could freely move from, machine to machine.

Why should the legacy XP machine w/V5 , V7 need to have anything updated?
Nothing is changing there. Except for whats on the same eL dongle that I’ve been plugging into it for years…
why shouldn’t that no longer authorize V5 , V7 ? Couldn’t they have left well enough alone??


.NET framework 4 can also be put on a pen drive.

The license database needs to be updated because you don’t have a Cubase 5/7/8 license, you have a Cubase 9.5 license that can run Cubase 5/7/8.
The software can’t know about a license from the future.