Cubase Version 10

I am new to this forum. I have an issue, need your help.

I received in February 2020 an announcement from Steinberg that all registered Cubase users can freely update to the latest Cubase AI version.
Since I am a registered user of Cubase AI 7, plus, as my old PC had very seriuous problems, so I went ahead and got rid of my old PC, installed the latest Cubase on a new PC, successfully. I followed step by step the procedure described in the Steinberg Help Center.
My situation « before » : Platform = PC with Windows 7 / Software = Cubase AI 7
My situation « actual » : Platform = PC with Windows 10 / Software = Cubase AI 10.5
Actually, the problem is I cannot activate and start the latest version Cubase AI 10.5 because the activation code still is related to my old Cubase AI 7.

A ticket is opened to Steinberg Support (three weeks already), I still have no response from them. None.
I’m wondering if this problem is related to the tricky proposal : “you can freely upgrade to the latest version of the software, but you HAVE to BUY the license” ?
I don’t have the previous Cubase AI 7 anymore, and I have this Cubase AI 10.5 which doesn’t start.
Therefore, today I submit this to you, hoping you have some advice/assistance for me. Thank you so much.


Well, first you need to reactivate your old AI 7 license, so that the AI 7 license will be in eLLC. Then you can update it, if it’s not done automatically.

Thank you KHS. Yes, the old AI7 license has been reactivated. It is in eLLC. As stated in my post, I have followed step by step the guidelines given by the Steinberg Help Center. The activation code sent to me is still related to AI7, can only be used once. You said “then you can update it”, how? With which code?

And your AI 7 license is registered at your MySteinberg account? Then you should have received an email with an activation code.
Use that code to update your AI 7 license, that’s reason you will have to reactivate the AI 7 license on your new computer before you can update it.

Yes my AI7 license is registered. Yes an activation code is emailed to me. And the update fails, the eLicenser tells me that the code is already used, can only be used once. Indeed, that code is the same as the one with which AI7 was installed and activated years ago on my old PC. I’m stuck.

Are you sure that isn’t the reactivation code you got for AI 7 to install it on your new computer?

Yes, that is.